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Together we improve care and produce better outcomes

We put payers and providers in the driver’s seat to efficiently track at-risk patients and intervene when appropriate.

Contact Health
Connecting People When it Counts

Our management team has over 100 combined years in the development and commercialization of medical monitoring technologies and 24/7 call center services to connect our most frail and vulnerable populations. From emergency response systems, to medication management devices, we successfully integrated an array of life monitoring solutions under one umbrella to serve MCO’s, Hospitals, Home Care Agencies, State Medicaid programs and Pharmaceutical companies. We spearheaded the creation of the first combined medical alert and telehealth device which was utilized by a Fortune 50 Healthcare Company as part of a CMS demonstration project to offer Chronic Care Management services to Medicare recipients with the highest incidence of disease.

With over 1,000,000 lives monitored under our belt, we tapped into this expertise to start Contact Health. We are building a next generation connected health engagement platform to create a digital health highway that improves quality of life, contains costs and boosts productivity.

  • Our Mission

  • With a rapidly expanding aging population coupled with decreased health professionals and more complex cases, we are seeing higher healthcare utilization across the board. Health systems and resources are overburdened, family members are juggling parent care versus childcare and more individuals suffer from chronic, comorbid diseases that are more difficult to control.

    We are working hard to empower healthcare with a future-oriented, remote monitoring system that focuses on whole patient care versus single diagnoses management. We are achieving this through a modern-day approach, that harnesses cellular/video connectivity, wireless devices and data analytics to create a virtual healthcare experience.

    Contact Health Connects the Disconnected